Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Our Teachers

Teachers are one of the most important factors in guaranteeing success for our students. That is why we are committed to providing you with the best qualified and the most experienced teaching professionals.

All of our teachers are native level speakers and have a high degree of proficiency in English, and hold internationally recognised teaching qualifications. This ensures that you are consistently taught by experts who make lessons engaging, enjoyable and effective. 

All our teachers have been teaching English in Europe, America, Africa and Asia for between 5 and 20 years. Their rich teaching experience and professional qualifications will help you use English more effectively, to be able to communicate in English in real situations: at school, at work and in everyday life.

Our methodology

English Academy specialises in high quality English language teaching and training, using qualified native speakers in every lesson from Beginners to Advanced.

We believe communication in English is vital, therefore it is one of the main focuses in our courses. No matter what your level is, English is the only language spoken in class. Traditional grammar and vocabulary exercises interlock with interesting reading and listening comprehension exercises, pair work, projects, discussions and role-plays. You will participate in classroom discussions, work in small groups, in pairs or individually.

Your professional and friendly teachers will expand on lesson topics helping you to increase your vocabulary, work on your grammar, improve your sentence construction and allow you to express yourself in the correct way. Our teachers provide useful and interesting lessons, all taught in a fun and relaxed way. Your teachers will guide you, support you, build your confidence and give you feedback. You can practice listening to authentic and different English accents.