Adult Courses


Individual Lessons

If your schedule does not allow you to attend regular courses in a group form of education or you want to receive personal attention from the teacher, then individual lessons are ideal for you.

Your individual lessons will be designed specifically to your language requirements and can focus on areas of your choice:

  • Communication skills: The teacher will focus on speaking and communicating in English with topics suited to the level tested.
  • Grammar consolidation: The focus is on accuracy with grammar, identify weak areas and practice these in class.
  • General lessons: The teacher will focus on all areas of the English language and can adapt the lessons on a day by day basis to suit the individual learner.
  • Business English: These courses focus on business topics and vocabulary and can be further tailored to suit your specific industry needs.
  • Exam preparation: FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS

You can decide the length of the course as well as the frequency and timing of the lessons. We recommend 2 or 3 lessons each week, each one 1.5 or 2 hours (1 hour is 60 minutes).

Individual lessons can be combined with general classes and are a good way to focus on problems the student has in English and to maximise your progress in English.

Qualified native speaker teachers

Individual classes, like all English Academy courses, are taught by qualified native speakers. Depending on the focus of your training, we will recommend a teacher from our team specializing in the specific language area.

Placement test

We offer a free placement test and needs analysis before suggesting a suitable course for you to follow and the right teacher for your needs.



Short individual training (up to 15 hours x 60 min) - BGN 59.00 per hour

Package of 15 hours (x 60 min) - 10% discount

  • Individual lessons - BGN 795.00
  • Small group of 2 students: BGN 845.00
  • Small group of 3 students: BGN 895.00