Adult Courses


General English Courses with British and American teachers

For those of you who want to build and improve your knowledge and use the language in your daily life.

All online classes at English Academy are taught by qualified native teachers from England and the United States.

  • From beginner to advanced level we will help you to use English fluently in everyday life, work, social contacts and education.
  • The courses are divided into two modules - A and B.
  • At the end of each module you receive a certificate linked to the European Language Framework.
  • The groups are small, the lessons are conducted entirely in English, with a convenient schedule for both employees and students.
  • Each student receives a free original textbook from the British publishing house Longman.
  • COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH - English is taught using the communicative approach using English only in the classroom. New grammar and lexical sets are introduced initially in a written form, then practiced in speaking scenarios in the classroom.  Your teacher will monitor the conversations and correct where necessary. This helps you to get real life practice of the new grammar and vocabulary learnt in the lesson.
  • The program follows a textbook, but your teacher will also use a number of additional and varied teaching materials during the lessons, adapted to the needs and goals of the group


  • Our annual courses are available for all types of courses for children and adults at English Academy
  • The annual tuition starts in September and includes 3 terms (Autumn, Winter and Spring) and entitles the student to a 20% discount on the full tuition fee for the three semesters.
  • The annual fee can be paid in full before the start of the course or in 3 instalments during the school year.
  • Upon completion of the annual training, students receive a 20% discount for Summer intensive courses.

English Academy offers year round English courses for adults. Our academic calendar is divided into 4 semesters and students can join a group at any one of these times: Autumn term (from September), Winter term (from January), Spring (from April) and Summer intensive term (from July), each of which includes all levels.