International Exams


Mock exam

At English Academy you have the opportunity to take a comprehensive mock exam for the FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS exams. The sample test is identical to the real exam and is conducted under exam conditions - it covers all components of the test and takes approximately 4 hours.

By taking the mock test, you will sit each component of the exam under timed, exam conditions. Each component will then be marked by the director of the English Academy Mark McTaggart and you will recieve a mark for each component.

After completing the exam, you will recieve a final grade similar to the actual exam.  You will also recieve feedback for each component and be given advice on where to focus your efforts for the real exam. Mark has been assessing these exams since 2004 so you can be assured that the feedback will be as accurate as possible, based on his experience.

Students should be familiar with the exam structure and different parts before sitting the exam as these are not taught in these tests.

What is included
  • All parts of the exam covered
  • Listening, reading, Use of English parts done either on computer or on paper, depending on exam
  • Full speaking test with instant results and analysis with our director
  • Writing test marked instantly by our director with results and brief explanation
  • Final overall grade/mark for the mock exam relating to specific exam
  • 15 minute feedback session with director after completion
  • Tests done at English Academy under exam conditions
  • Total time of test between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the exam
  • 80 leva per exam

Days and times are flexible, however space is limited after 5.30pm on weekdays. Please book your test at least 2 days in advance either by phone or pop into our offices to speak to us.