Courses for kids


Young learner courses

We create an environment in which children learn with love, joy and inspiration.

English Academy provides English lessons for children aged 6 - 15 years old for all levels and provides a positive and fun learning environment, allowing your child to not only learn English, but also have fun while doing it! Classes are organised by language level to ensure classes are as homogeneous as possible in terms of language level.

Our classes for children are taught by qualified teachers – native speakers from the UK have been specifically trained to teach English as a second language and have experience teaching children in British schools as well as overseas. Your child will be in an English only environment as all lessons are taught completely in English.

Our teaching purpose is to help your child build a solid foundation of English ability to ensure that they could use English correctly and fluently in future. We develop language learning through a variety of stimulating activities such as arts and crafts, song, games, multi-media and project work.


Annual courses with a 20% discount
  • Our annual courses are available for all types of courses for children and adults at English Academy
  • The annual tuition starts in September and includes 3 terms (Autumn, Winter and Spring) and entitles the student to a 20% discount on the full tuition fee for the three semesters
  • The annual fee can be paid in full before the start of the course or in 3 instalments during the school year
  • The tuition fee for older children depends on the level and course duration
  • When changing the length of language training from annual to semester, fees are recalculated using the full course fee
  • Upon completion of the annual training, students receive a 20% discount for summer intensive courses.
Why choose English Academy for your children?
  • Native English Speaker for every lesson;
  • Our courses are fun and interactive giving young learners an easy and practical way to learn English;
  • Children develop accurate pronunciation with our native English-speaking teachers;
  • Free placement test so your child will be placed at the correct level, based on ability and age;
  • Free coursebook and free specially selected additional supplementary materials;
  • Weekend classes;
  • Small classes;
  • Communication only in English in class;
  • Individual recommendation for next level;
  • Friendly atmosphere, cozy classrooms;
  • End of term certificates.

English Academy offers year round English training for children. Our academic calendar is divided into 4 semesters and students can join a group at any one of these times: Autumn term (from September), Winter term (from January), Spring (from April) and Summer intensive term (from July), each of which includes all levels for children.